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Gola Badam 250gm Packs I soft Shell Almonds

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Gola Badam (Soft Shell Almonds)

Gola Badam are almonds that have a soft, papery shell that is easily peeled off. They are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Gola Badam are also a low-calorie food, making them a healthy snack option for weight loss or weight management.

This 250gm pack of gola badam is made from premium quality almonds that are hand-picked and processed to ensure freshness and quality. The almonds are then peeled by hand to remove the soft shell, leaving the nut exposed. This pack is perfect for snacking on the go or adding to your favorite recipes.

Benefits of Gola Badam

  • High in protein and fiber
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals
  • Low in calories
  • Helps with weight loss or weight management.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Boosts heart health
  • Improves skin health.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Relieves stress.

How to Eat Gola Badam

Gola Badam can be eaten plain or seasoned with your favorite spices. It can also be added to salads, soups, or stir-fries. Here are a few ideas for how to enjoy gola badam:

  • Plain: Simply peel the almonds and enjoy as a healthy snack.
  • Seasoned: Toss the almonds with your favorite spices, such as salt, pepper, cumin, or chili powder.
  • Salad: Add the almonds to your favorite salad for a crunchy, protein-rich addition.
  • Soup: Add the almonds to your favorite soup for a hearty and satisfying meal.
  • Stir-fry: Add the almonds to your favorite stir-fry for a healthy and delicious dish.

Storage Tips

Gola Badam can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 months.

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Weight 250 kg

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